O.L Chemistry Cambridge May/June 2023 – Dr. Mostafa Islam

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Dr. Mostafa Islam

From a brilliant ex-IGCSE student to an exceptional current 3rd year medical student of Egypt’s pillar of knowledge, Al-Kasr Al-Ainy.

Dr. Moustafa Islam is here packing all of his experience, teaching passion and knowledge of the sciences into a set of courses focused on covering all the concepts that you need and more.

His goal with these courses is to craft a proficient student that excels in sheer knowledge as well as how to articulate said knowledge, preparing the student for any exam.

He ensures this through a set of engaging, easy to digest videos, with an accompanying collection of well-organized notes to guide you through your journey into the lands of the sciences.

In addition, one of his greatest strengths lies in being able to ensure you don’t fall behind, as he and his team are always sure to deliver personalized plans & feedback to guarantee that you are always ready to face any hurdle, whether it’s your day to day crowded schedule or that dreaded exam that always lurks around the corner.

Never forget, you’re the smart one YOU CAN DO anything

The good doctor